lotus 79 rebaque -08

and the lotus 79 "rebaque" is finished too!

I would like to thank Edgar Miró for his invaluable help (I'm still wanting to see your absolutely fantastic F-2007 finished...) and everyone who encouraged me during the building of this nice car!

thanks to all!

and next will be the fujimi's sauber C30! (I wanted to start the mp4/27 or the RB6 but I'm still thinking wich kind of paints I will use, so the sauber won the pole!)

best regards to all!


Motorsport Modeller said...

This looks excellent, knowing the issues you had what a great result....well done.

AndreaModa said...

Beautiful work! I'm currently making the Sauber C30 myself, it's a lovely kit, though I'm a bit worried about spraying the black areas with the templates given in the box. I'm interested to see how you will do this part, though I'm going to be very jealous as you're far more talented than me! Good luck and best wishes mate!

f120 said...

Thank you!

Hi Andrea, I can't wait to start painting the black areas on the sauber! I think that the templates will be really a great help. But I'm still thinking in which color I will use... looking at different pictures it doesn't seem pure black... maybe I will paint a first layer of black and then two layers of gun metal above.... I have to do some test to be sure about it!
Of course I will post about it!
thank you very much and best wishes too!

Jake Kilshaw said...

Wow, this looks great!

Really good work!

Jake Kilshaw

Jesus Marquerie said...

Hi Joseph,
Congratulations for your Lotus, they are amazing and I will take notes of your work, for the one that I will do in the future!!
ANd I already have put your blog address in my blog.