lotus79 martini -06

I had the same problems using 2k in martini lotus that I had with rebaque's lotus (see the previous post "lotus rebaque -06").
So I sanded all the parts and airbrushed a wet coat of 2K again.
I also finished the decaling job on the parts I had to repaint.....
Now I will clear coat those parts and I hope I will be able to finish the car soon.......

lotus 79 rebaque -06

Finally a new update......
First of all I'd like to thank to everyone who sent me a email asking about the state of the cars....
As I told in a previous post, this time was the first time using the 2K clear coat and I had a really bad experience.......
Since the 2K asks to be careful with percentages, I used clinical syringes to mix them. But I didn't consider that the plungers of the syringes are built of silicone.... So the silicone reacted with 2K and when I started airbrushing, began appearing "craters" on the surface! (you can see it on the three first pictures)
I really thought that I destroyed all my previous work on the two lotus!
Then I sanded all the parts with 1000 grade sandpaper -trying to don't reach the decals surface- and I mixed the 2K components using plastic pipettes and airbrushed a wet coat. The result was quite acceptable but when I sanded the parts (1000 to 4000 plus compound) the "craters" were visible again.
So, I decided to sand all parts again with 1000 and airbrush a new wet coat of 2K. This time I won't sand it so it will stay as it is now. 

I learned two very important things of using 2K. First of all is testing it before in any piece of plastic.... and beware of silicone products to mix the components!

The parts are now clear coated and will following the work on assembling the parts! 
I promise it will be faster as this time!