lotus79 rebaque -01

I also started the lotus 79 rebaque's version! As I did with the lotus 79 martini, I started cutting all the pieces from the sprue and prepared them to prime and paint.

 I painted the body pieces with rebaque's brown form zero paints. I like this color! Nest step will be sand the pieces and airbrush a first clear coat before apply the decals to prevent the silvering.
 I also started the work on the wheels. The first step was to sand the surface to delete the shine and to give to them a "used" look.

lotus79 martini -01

Finally I could start the work on the two lotus 79!  As always, the first steps are quite boring but necessary! 
I cut all the pieces form the sprue and separate by colors before painting them.

I also cut the body parts.
 Finally all parts are ready to prime and paint......
I primed all parts with tamiya's white primer and I airbrushed the colors. I also masked the inner parts and painted them with flat black
 I couldn't wait to make a little fitting test!

hobby design - F2003GA detail set

Today I received the hobby design's 1/20 Ferrari F2003GA detail set. As all of their products it's a great set! I can't wait to use it it soon building the F2003 from Fujimi!