jaguar R01 -1

the seat was painted with semi gloss black, masked and finally painted with green.

Some work in the body is started. The first step was fill in the camera hole with some putty.

tyrrell 020 - 1

As I usually like to do, I started with the copckit. I used some aftermarket material like the scalemotorsports F1 harness and I also took the seatbelt clothes from an old perfect parts set.

I want to build a curbside model, so I started to work with the engine but I didn't put too much detail on it. The two body parts were glued and I filled the join line with some glue and I sanded it.

I masked the seat and then I test the fitting of the nose and cowling.

I painted the body parts with two layers of primmer and then I sanded them to get a smooth surface. Finally I painted three layers of grey (TS.42) straight from the can. I'll wait some days to dry and then I'll start to apply de decals.

next step will be build the front and rear wing.


F1/20 - formula 1 models

Hi to all! as I promised you in my website, I'll try to make a WIP of the building the tyrrell 020 and the conversion from the mclaren mp4/13 to the jaguar R01. So...let's go rockin'!

Tyrrell 020 1/20 scale from Tamiya.

To build the jaguar R01, I will use the tamiya's 1/20 mclaren mp4/13 kit, the jaguar paint from zero paints, some sheets of styrene to modify the rear wing and the cowling and the jaguar decals from el oso kits. I will also use some etched parts to build the seatbelts.