ferrari 126C2 -10

A little progress is done. I attached the slidding skirts to the side of the body.
I painted the nose cone, applied the decals and attached it to the body.
The decalling job is also finished. I also applied two layers of TS-13. I only need to finish the rear wing and the car will be finished.


ferrari 126C2 -09

I painted the body with italian red. Now I have to sand it and paint a second layer before apply the decals.
As the fujimi kit doesn't provide the engine switch off, I scratchbuilded it.
I attached it to the body. I also used the fire extinger from the 126ck kit and glued the steering in its place.
I glued the roll bar and the rear ventilation ducts. The engine is close to be finished.

ferrari 126C2 -08

I started working on the wheels. As they won't be attached to the car I drilled a hole in the nut.
I masked the rims.

And I painted them with titanium gold.
I used the tyre letters template from the fmd set instead using the decals. It was the first time I used a tyre template and didn't know how it could work.
All went fine and the tyres are finished. I must say that I love more the result of painting the letters than using the decals. The result is absolutely more realistic.