sauber C30 -01

Hi to all!

First of all I would like to apologize that I took the time to update the blog.
Five months ago my second son was born and it did not have much free time ...
I did not know what model to start with and then I chose the sauber C30 
As I will not detail the car, the first thing I did was glue the body parts as this will help me when painting it.

Once the parts were glued, I started polishing the excess putty.
The parts are ready to be painted.
I hope to upload news soon!


Motorsport Modeller said...

Hey welcome back Josep, also congrates on your son, i know what it is like i have a 7 week old now and time just vanishes....lol
Great choice of car, i have the same kit so will watch your progress intently.

f120 said...

thank you very much and congratulations too!!!!!!!
Jordi is my second son (the first one, oriol, now is 5 years old) and I knew how much time they take.... but I didn't know is that both take ALL my time!!! ;)

Hope to see you working on your kit soon!