jaguar R01 -14

The final detail! the kill switch was glued to the car.
And the jaguar is finally done!!! I will take some more pictures on the sunlight and I'll put them on the gallery of my website.

Next cars will be a Ferrari 126C2 detailed and a Ferrari 126 CK.
Thank you very much to all!

jaguar R01 -13

I airbrushed a thin layer of clear, left two days to dry and finally I airbrushed two heavy layers.


jaguar R01 -12

The rear wing is finished
The jaguar decal is in its place. I also made the exhaust using metal tube.

I also decalled the camera and glued it on the top of the car.

I put the bridgestone decals on the tyres and airbrushed some smoke to tone down the shine of decals.

I also airbrushed some smoke and flat black on the exhausts.
The steering wheel and the mirrors are also finished and glued to the car.
The rear wing and the brakes are also attached to the car.
The car is close to be finished. Next work is clearcoat it with TS-13, add the antennas, the badgeboards and the wheels.


jaguar R01 -11

A little progress is done. I mounted the seat into the copckit and the front suspension arms were attached to the body.

I also finished the front wing and glued it to the nose.


jaguar R01 -10

I started the work on the wheels. I printed some "L" and "R" on an adhesive paper and cut them and put over the wheels.
I airbrushed magenta paint over the paterns. Next step will be apply the bridgestone decals and paint a mist coat of flat black and smoke to tone down the shine of the decals.


jaguar R01 -9

I continued decalling the body.

All body is decalled except the "jaguar" logo, wich I'll apply the last. The badgeboards and the rear wing side elements are also decalled.
I also put a red decal (I took it from a mp4/8 spare decal) into the air intake.