mclaren mp4/13 -07

The electronic connectors are glued to the front nose plate. I also added some wires.
I followed working on the brake discs. According to the top studio instruccions, I cut some 5mm-long pieces of 0,5mm solder line, glued to the discs and cut them when dried.
After 2 hours of work, I finally finished one of the brake discs. I'm quite happy with the result so, three more to do.....


mclaren mp4/13 -06

I started working on the front nose. I decaled it with CF sms decal and glued the p.e. parts painted with flat black.
The reservoirs were painted and glued and added some wiring. Still need some job to finish it.
I also finished the calipers. I painted them with xf-56, painted the ap logos and put a temperature sensor decal. I also added a little detail using 0.3mm steel wire.
And I started the work on the rear suspension arms. I first cut the tamiya piece to use the parts from the top studio set.
I painted and glued the suspension srpings from top studio and added some connectors. Next step will be decal the suspension arms with CF and attach them to the springs.
I'm working in too many little parts at the same time......I hope to finish them soon and start working on the engine...


mclaren mp4/13 -05

I started working on the engine. I used a styrene rod to bend the etched plate wich will be place underneath the engine.
I covered the plate with foil and used a file to give it a rough texture. Next step will be paint it with clear orange.
The seat is also finished. I decaled it with CF decals from sms and used the seatbelt hardware from the top studio kit.