jaguar R01 -8

I "carbon-fibered" all suspension arms using scalemotorsports CF decals. As you can see on the left of the picture I also worked on the steering wheel.
The exhaust zones on the cowling were also covered with carfon fiber decals. It needs some black washing and I will also put some rivets there.

This is the first test fitting before applying decals.
The decalling job have started. Hope to have some advances soon....
Happy new year to all!


jaguar R01 -7

Today I airbrushed the jaguar green color from zero paints.
All green parts are painted. I also painted the front and rear wing elements in white. Next step will be put carbon fiber decals on suspension arms.


jaguar R01 -6

I started working on the wooden plank undeneath the car. The first step was paint a light brown base. As you can see, the rear wing plates are also near to be finished.
I airbrushed some coats of different mixtures of brown and flat black

I sanded the surface with 800-1000 grid from front to rear, drybrushed some wooden lines and repeated the airbrushing of brown and flat black
And here's the finalt result. I'm quite happy with it.

I also painted the rims with gold. I only have to put the tyre valves and clear coat with TS-13.