sauber C30- 03

I just finished working with seatbelts. First I glued the photoetched pieces and used a piece of guitar string as a pin. Once glued, I sanded the excess with my dremmel tool. Finally I trimmed some strips of medical tape, painted them with tamiya's Park Green and used them as seatbelt clothes.
I have already painted three coats of clear TS-13 on the body parts and I hope to start the decalling job soon.
Meanwhile I began the tedious job of applying decals of carbon fiber on the cameras, steering wheel and suspension arms.


sauber C30- 02

Hi again!
a new little update! I've been working in so many parts at the same time but it's difficult to show the progress...
Once the body and wing parts were primed, I painted three layers of white (from zero paints). When the body was dried I used the masks that can be found in the box (they are really great and a big help - I'm sorry I haven't got any pictures of the body with the masks) and painted the dark grey using three layers of tamiya's x-10 gun metal. Fujimi indicates to paint these zones black but looking at some pictures it seems more dark metallic grey than black to me. So gun metal color seemed a good option.
Now I'm waiting to have good weather here (today is raining) to paint some layers of clear to prevent silvering before apply the decals.
I also painted all back parts of the wings with semigloss black.
I started working on the seat belts. As I don't have any green clothes, I will use medical tape to simulate the belt material. I will cut some stripes (3-4mm width) and I will paint them with Tamiya's Park Green TS-36.
I now have a dilemma..... to CF all the black parts or not.....  maybe I will only CF the suspension arms and the inner face of the back wing plates. I will think about it....
Next update soon!  thanks to all!!!!