benetton B192 -09

The decalling job finished.
I glued some nuts & bolts here and there using a toothpick and cyano glue.
I drilled two Ø0.5mm holes on the side of the cowling were the antennas will be placed.
Finally I glued the antennas, the brakes and the rear wing. Once the decals will be completely dried, I will clearcoat all with some layers of TS-13.


benetton B192 -08

A little update... the cowling and the nose are glued. I'm happy to see that there isn't a big gap between the green joint on the different parts.
And finally I could start the decalling job.


benetton B192 -07

The floor plan was decalled with sms carbon fiber decals.
As the decals are too much greyish, I airbrushed a mixture of 80% smoke+20% semigloss black to turn them darker. I like the final result.
I glued the front and rear wings.
I built the engine and glued it on the floor plan. As the engine won't be visible, I didn't put too effort to detail it and I also take off some parts to have a better fitment of the cowling.
Finally I glued the cowling to the body. I'll start the decalling job tonight.


benetton B192 -06

I applied all decals on the rims, glued the air valves and clearcoated them with two layers of TS-13.
The moulding line on the tyres were sanded.
I airbrushed the logos on the tyres using a template and weathered them with a mist coat of smoke+flat black.
I masked the sidepods and airbrushed them with semigloss black.
The copckit was glued in its place and finished the nose cone decal.
I scratchbuilt the brakes wiring using vynil tub and cooper wire.
Finally I glued the front suspension arms.


benetton B192 -05

I couldn't wait to make a test fitting... the car looks promising.
The inner parts were airbrushed with semigloss black and I applied the front nose decal.
I worked on the dashboard and the steering painting the switches using a toothpick.
I put the decals and glued the parts. The dashboard is finished.
I also started the work on the wheels. I drilled a Ø0.4mm hole where the air valves will be placed.
Finally, I applied the decals on the rims. Tonight I will apply the rims logo decals, the tyre valves and I'll wait some days to airbrush a clear coat. Then, I will airbrush the tyre logos using a template.


benetton B192 - 04

After some days of holidays I started working on the car again. I turned crazy looking for the green paint can... it was sold out in all my local stores. Finally I could get one!
I decided to paint the green parts instead of using the decals provided, so I masked all the yellow parts.
Two layers of white primer were painted.
Then I lightly sanded the primer paint and applied 2+2 coats of green.
And the masks are off. The result is OK and I only have to sand the joint between the two colours. I'll wait some days and then I will mask the body again and paint the black inner parts. In the meanwhile I'll start working on the engine.