jaguar R01 -5

Finally I could work with jaguar again, the body parts were glued and filled the seam line and sanded it.

The injection marks in the floor plan were filled with putty and sanded.

I applyied two layers of grey primer and sanded again.

Two light layers of white primer are applyied. Tomorrow I'll spray two more heavy coats. The floor is also painted with semi-gloss black. Next step will be paint the wooden plan underneath the car.

The rear wing elements are also different, so I cut two pieces of styrene and glued them to the original parts. Some putty and sanding is needed before paint them with primer.


tyrrell 020 -8

the tyrrell 020 is finished! I'll try to take some pictures outside next weekend and I will put them on my website.


tyrrell 020 -7

I drilled a 0,4mm hole on the cowling and glued the kill switch I took from a spare p.e. set.

The car is near to be finished. Antennas and mirrors are attached and I only have to add the brakes and wheels.
Next days I'll be working on the jaguar.


tyrrell 020 -6

the engine is mounted on the car. As I told you, the car will be curbside so I didn't put too much effort in detailing it.

the decalling job is done and also the front and rear wings. I'll wait some days to dry and then I'll apply 3 layers of tamiya's TS-13 clear.
Next step will be glue the parts, attach the brakes and mirrors and add some more nuts and bolts and build the antennas.
This car will be finished soon.


tyrrell 020 -5

I used some silver foil from a tobacco box to simulate the heat shield underneath the engine instead of painting it. I really like how it works.

The decalling job started. the rear wing is also finished. next step will be build the suspension arms and finish the front wing

jaguar R01 -4

thanks to fuel*buzzed from the forum http://www.f1m.com/ (the people in this community are really great) yesterday I received the rims from a ferrari 2000 model. The F2000 rims are more similar to the jaguar rims than the mclaren ones. thank you very much again!


tyrrell 020 -4

I've working on wheels. I added metal tyre valves from Aber.
the decals of the kit where a little bit old and quiet difficult to apply. I added a black wash to the wheels with a mix of tamiya's smoke and flat black.
the picture shows the wheels before black wash (right) and after (left)
All wheels are finished and I hope to start decalling the body tonight.


new items

yesterday I received two new items I purchased from hiroboy.com
the first one is the 1/20 fujimi's ferrari 126ck (1981 canada gp version)
the kit looks fantastic and it has 154 pieces and rain tyres!!!

the second one is the FMD photoetched set to detail the 1/20 fujimi's ferrari 126c2 (1982 San Marino gp version).
I'll start both cars (126ck - curbside and 126c2 superdetailed) when I finish the tyrrell and jaguar.


jaguar R01 -3

One of the differences beetween the mclaren and the jaguar is that this last one has two holes for the exhausts on the cowling.
I drilled the holes with a dremmel tool and sanded them to have a smooth finished.
I also scribbed the lines of the exhaust zone wich will be painted with flat black.

I also scatchbuilded the little wings on the sides of the cowling using 5mm styrene sheets.
Next step will be glue the sidepods and finally apply some white primmer prior to start the painting job.

tyrrell 020 -3

Finally today I receveid the new studio27decals from mediamix hooby. They look superb and allows you to build different liverys of the tyrrell 020 and also the winter test car. Can't wait to use them.

I started decalling the rear wing. As I'm building stefano modena's car,I put the yellow stripes on the upper elements. Only a clear coat ,some polishing and some more bolts are nedded to finish it.

I started the work on wheels. I like to see the wheels looking used so I mounted them on my dremmel tool and sanded the tyre surface a little bit.

Here you can see the difference beetween the original tyres of the kit and the wheels after some sanding work. Next step will be apply the decals, put the tyre valve on the rims and apply a little black wash....


jaguar R01 -2

the copckit is finished. I used the scalemotorsport seatbelts set and scratchbuilded the radio connector.

tyrrell 020 -2

some carbon fiber decals were applyied on the inside faces of the front and rear wing elements. I also put some bolts.
I'm waiting to receive the sponsor decals and the wings will be finished soon.