F2007 -03

After some months I worked on the F2007 again...The fujimi kit has the lower part of the copckit in one single piece and I cut it to separate the nose part.

Both parts of the nose cone where glued and I drilled the hole in the front but I didn't like the result I had....
So I filled the hole with epoxi and sanded hardly until I get a smooth surface.

Then I started the work on the body. I glued all the parts, filled the gaps, sanded and now they are ready to paint.


Don't ask me why, but I lost the upper part of the rear wing....
As I couldn't find a spare one, I took the upper part of the mp4/13 rear wing. I sanded it to obtain a similar shape.

Finally I cut it and painted with white primer and TS-85

Not the best one, but I'm happy with the result.
I used a string guitar to build the antennas.
And glued them on their place and also glued some bolts on the body.

The last stage, I airbrushed three coats of TS-13. I masked the parts where I wanted to keep the matt black.

The car is near to be finished! Only I need to attach the wheels. so I'll post some pictures of the finished car soon!