lotus 79 rebaque / martini -04

the work on both lotus is going slowly....
I've been working on the details over the fuel cell. As you can see in the picture, the original tamiya part is all made in plastic and I cut it in two parts and added two brailed lines.
I also used an old guitar string to simulate the little springs attaching the exhaust pipes.
Now I have the engine glued to the fuel cell, a little more work is needed before I will start working on the front of the car.


lotus 79 rebaque / martini -03

Another little update!
I've been working on the engines of both cars. Finally I decided to give more detail to one of them as I will display one of the cars with the cowling off but I still haven't decided which will be....
The hose joints are from Hobby design and I painted them with clear red and clear blue and the braid line is from Tuner model Factory. I will try to build the exhausts this week and glue the engines to the cars soon!
I also masked the black circles over the copckit and painted them with matt black. So now I can work this parts!
I hope next update will be faster than this one....