lotus 79 rebaque / martini -02

a little update... I painted the rims of both cars and masked them before painting the tire logos. Finally I airbrushed the logos using a stencil I had from the ferrari 126C2. It was quite difficult because the sides of the tires are rounded. Anyway, the result is not perfect but acceptable.
I also built the seat belts. I always use an old tamiya's driver figure to measure the length of the cloth. The harness are from the fantastic set of KA models and the cloth material is from an old perfect parts seat belt set.
Finally I could start the work on the engines. The first part I built is the gearbox and rear suspension. I hand-painted the springs instead replacing them with metal spring because they will be not very visible once the cars will be finished. I ordered some hobby design's metal hose joints at spotmodel so I hope I will be able to finish the engines next week.

More updates  soon.... thanks to all!