ferrari 126C2 -07

I made a little progress this weekend. I worked on the radiator pipes. The ones from the kit were short and I had to lenghten them a little bit.
I glued them to the body. I also worked on some more engine parts.

Finally I added some more wiring... tonight I'll try to finish the engine.
And this is the battlefield....


ferrari 126C2- 06

I started the work on the brake ducts. The parts from the kit are transparent (right on the picture) and I painted them with a very thin coats of buff acrilyc paint (xf-57).
Finally I add some dust and smoke with flat black.
To detail the brakes I bought a Ø3mm threaded bar and cut it in 6mm long pieces. I also bought some nuts and painted them with titanium gold.
Here you can see the brake finished on the right and the brake from the kit on the left. I think I achieved an acceptable detail on it.
I built all brakes in the same way.
The front suspension arms are finished. They only need some blackwashing. I also put some wiring attached on the suspension arms.
Finally I made a test fitting. Now I can work on the engine again.


ferrari 126C2 -05

The seat was painted with flatblack and I also attached the seatbelts using the p.e. part from fmd set
I also worked on the pedals system. As it won't be visible, I didn't put too much effort in it.
I glued the body parts and put the dashboard, the seat and the gear shift in their place.
I glued the metal panels from the p.e. set on the body.
I also worked on the front suspension arms.
And I also started the job on the brakes.


ferrari 126C2 -04

I started working on the dashboard. I removed all rims in plastic wich will be replaced for p.e. parts.

I glued the photoetched part and after I painted the whole piece with flatblack.
Once the paint dryed, I lightly sanded the surface of the rims until the metal came on again.
The dashboard is finished. I applied the decals and I used some weldings from an electronic plate to simulate the switches.
I also worked on the engine parts. I rolled up a thin wire to simulate the spring on this engine part.
The engine is going on. Still need some work...


ferrari 126C2 -03

The hose clamps are on their place. Now they need a little blackwash to tone down their shine.
I started working on the exhausts. I cut and cleaned the pieces to apply some p.e. parts.

Here you can see the original exhaust on the left and the same piece cleaned on the right.
I put the p.e. plates and hose clamps on the exhausts. Finally I painted them with metallic grey, little layers of metallic blue and yellow to simulate some burn parts (the picture can't show it at all)and finally I did a blackwash with flat black.