paint booth

Hi to all, the last weeks I didn't work on the F60, but I did another kind of modeling. I built a new paint booth with the help of two friends of mine, albert & jordi. GrĂ cies nenes!
It is 60x40x30cm and it's made of MDF. As I don't have enough space at home I wanted to build something easy to use and also easy to keep.

I used a cooking fan (it's a squirrelcage type) and the cooking filtre is removable to make it easy to replace.
The air duct is also removable, easy to fix and easy to keep. Now it's time to follow working on the F60!


F60 -01

Hi to all! after some weeks out of hobby, I'll start a new project. It will be the new tamiya's Ferrari F60 and I'll build it curbside, without detailing the engine.
I glued tue two parts of the nose cone, filled the joint with superglue and sanded it with sandpaper (from 400 to 1200).
The two parts of the air intake and the piece to fill the camera hole where also glued, filled and sanded.
The result is ok. the joint lines are invisible and I'll paint it with white primer to see if there are some imperfections.
I also did a test fitting to see how the different parts of the car fit together.
The floor was also sanded roughly to delete the injection marks. Nexts steps will be painting all the inner parts with black, then primer them with white and start working on the copckit.