F60 -03

I made a big mistake! I didn't test the position of the green circles before airbrushing the logos and when I did it... the logos were touching the circles....
So I decided to sand the logos and start again using the tyre logos decals instead of airbrushing them. The fisrt step was a first layer of gloss clear.
Then I started decalling the circles and the logos. Finally I airbrushed another layer of gloss clear, two layers of matt clear and finally I airbrushed a very thin layer of smoke+matt black to tone done the shinning.
I worked on the body parts. Two layers of white primmer and a little sanding work with #1000 and #2000 grade sandpaper.
Finally I painted the body parts with TS-85. First I painted two layers, tomorrow I'll sand them and will paint a final layer.
I also finished the work on the seat using a KA models p.e. seatbelts set (instead the tamiya's one). The clothes are from an old perfect parts seatbelts set. More updates soon!

F2007 -02

The wheels are finished. I used tyre logo decals, two layers of gloss clear (one before applying the decals and one after), one layer of matt clear and a thin layer of matt black.
The seat is also finished. I used a KA seatbelts p.e. set. Today I will start to work on the body of the F2007.


F60 -02

Three holes were drilled on the seat, sanded and painted it with flat black. Tonight I will start the job on the seatbelts.
The inner parts of the car are painted with semigloss black.
I airbrushed the tyre logos using the template given by tamiya. I will let them dry for two days and I'll apply the green circles decals.
I also finished the steering wheel.....it was really difficult to paint those small buttons but I'm happy with the result!
I also decaled it with some CF decals, the picture is not very good but it really looks fine.
More updates soon!!!!

F2007 -01

This is the 1/20 fujimi kit, and I will try to build it at the same time with the F60. It will be curbside too and I'll try to build the late season version, the one with the metallic red.
I started working on the wheels. In 2007 the soft wheels had a line painted in white, so I started masking the tyres.
It's done! next step will be apply the logos and start working on the body.

new models

Four new kits arrived at home! The williams fw-16 was one of the kits I always wanted to build and finally it was released in plastic! I also bought the latest tamiya kit, lotus 79. I was planning to build the "martini" livery, but as it will be also released soon by Tamiya, I will build the "rebaque" version (with the car painted in brown)
These two are very special, as they were missing in my tamiya collection... I bought them in ebay at 15$ each... really a bargain!
welcome at home, guys!


paint booth

Hi to all, the last weeks I didn't work on the F60, but I did another kind of modeling. I built a new paint booth with the help of two friends of mine, albert & jordi. GrĂ cies nenes!
It is 60x40x30cm and it's made of MDF. As I don't have enough space at home I wanted to build something easy to use and also easy to keep.

I used a cooking fan (it's a squirrelcage type) and the cooking filtre is removable to make it easy to replace.
The air duct is also removable, easy to fix and easy to keep. Now it's time to follow working on the F60!


F60 -01

Hi to all! after some weeks out of hobby, I'll start a new project. It will be the new tamiya's Ferrari F60 and I'll build it curbside, without detailing the engine.
I glued tue two parts of the nose cone, filled the joint with superglue and sanded it with sandpaper (from 400 to 1200).
The two parts of the air intake and the piece to fill the camera hole where also glued, filled and sanded.
The result is ok. the joint lines are invisible and I'll paint it with white primer to see if there are some imperfections.
I also did a test fitting to see how the different parts of the car fit together.
The floor was also sanded roughly to delete the injection marks. Nexts steps will be painting all the inner parts with black, then primer them with white and start working on the copckit.


mclaren mp4/13 -16

Finally I built the helmets of Coulthard and Hakkinen.
And the car is finished!!!!

Finally I couldn't resist to put the two mp4/13 together. The original one is the first model I built seven years ago....
I hope you enjoyed this building! Next ones will be the tamiya's Ferrari F60 and fujimi's Ferrari 2007. Both will be curbside and I'll try to build them at the same time.

Thank you and best regards to all!

october 2009 - july 2010


mclaren mp4/13 -15

The front suspension is finished!
And the front brakes are also on their place.

I couldn't resist to make a test fit. Some more work is needed but I'm very close to the finish.......