benetton B192 -03

I started to work on the seat. I used the p.e. seatbelt hardware set from KA models and I took the clothes from an old perfect parts set.
I cut a string guitar in a 6mm long piece and used it to build the harness.
I sanded the excess using the rotary tool.
Here are the seatbelts finished. I also used the sabelt decals from the perfect parts set.
I also scratchbuilt the radio connector.
And the seat is finished.
All parts of the body were painted with three layers of chrome yellow (TS-47). Once dried, I'll mask and paint the green parts instead of using the decals. As you can see, I also received the top studio detail set to build the mclaren mp4/13. It's really great! I'll make a review of it soon! can't wait to start working on the mp4/13 detailed car......


benetton B192 -02

Today I received the camel logo decals from meddiamixhobby.
I made a first fitting test before paint the body with primer.
The gaps on the seat are filled with putty and I painted it with two layers of grey primer.
All body parts are also painted with 2 layers of white primer. Tomorrow I will start working on the engine parts.


benetton B192 -01

New project has started! Tamiya's 1/20 benetton-ford b192. Michael Schumacher won his first GP driving this car in Spa-Francorchamps (1992)
The tamiya kit is great with a lot of details and, as usual in them, it doesn't provide the camel logo decals, wich I've ordered and I'm waiting to receive soon.
I started sanding the molded seatbelts on the seat. It needs some putty to fill the gaps and some more sanding.
I glued the different parts that must be attached to the body and hardly sanded the joint.
I also glued the parts to the cowling and drilled the holes. Nest step will be apply two coats of primer over all body parts.