F60 -03

I made a big mistake! I didn't test the position of the green circles before airbrushing the logos and when I did it... the logos were touching the circles....
So I decided to sand the logos and start again using the tyre logos decals instead of airbrushing them. The fisrt step was a first layer of gloss clear.
Then I started decalling the circles and the logos. Finally I airbrushed another layer of gloss clear, two layers of matt clear and finally I airbrushed a very thin layer of smoke+matt black to tone done the shinning.
I worked on the body parts. Two layers of white primmer and a little sanding work with #1000 and #2000 grade sandpaper.
Finally I painted the body parts with TS-85. First I painted two layers, tomorrow I'll sand them and will paint a final layer.
I also finished the work on the seat using a KA models p.e. seatbelts set (instead the tamiya's one). The clothes are from an old perfect parts seatbelts set. More updates soon!

F2007 -02

The wheels are finished. I used tyre logo decals, two layers of gloss clear (one before applying the decals and one after), one layer of matt clear and a thin layer of matt black.
The seat is also finished. I used a KA seatbelts p.e. set. Today I will start to work on the body of the F2007.