ferrari 126C2 -02

I glued the little wings from the p.e. set on the rear of the body.

I painted the cowling with two layers of white primmer, sanded with 600, 800, 1200 grid and painted two more layers of primmer.
I started the work on the body. I cut the suspension arms. They will be replaced with p.e. parts.
I painted the body with two layers of aluminium colour.
The work on the engine has also started. I painted the engine block with a mixture of titanium gold and silver.
I painted a maskingtape with fluo green and cut some strips. I will use the hose clamps from the p.e. set. I also used strips of golden foil to simulate the connectors.


ferrari 126C2 -01

The next kit I'll build will be the fujimi's 1/20 ferrari 126C2.
As I want to build it detailed I will also use the FMD's photoetched set.
I started working on the body. I cut the plastic elements on the ventilation openings. These parts will be replaced with photoetched parts.
After cutting, I sanded it carefully.

Finally I glued the p.e. part. It must be bended from inside to outside but I'll do it after painting the body.