F60 -05

The decals are on their place.

I glued the sidepods, the camera on the top and the mirrors. Some PE bolts and rivets were also glued on the body. I will wait some days and I'll airbrush the clear coat.

new tool and models

We have new kids on town! The first one is a new airbrush. It's an iwata revolution (0,5mm needle). It's time to retire my old ABS300!

Tamiya's M23 in 1/20! (and some tobacco decals.....) this has been the holy grail for the modelers during many years, as it was really difficult to find.
This is a reedition of the original, but I'm happy I will be able to build it!
And finally, the tamiya's lotus 79 martini livery. I also bought the rebaque livery decals to use with the other lotus 79 I bought some months ago. Maybe they will be the next cars I will build......

F60 -04

I'm back! I'm sorry I didn't post any update in the last months but after a year working on the mclaren I was a bit tired of modeling and I needed to take a break! I tried to use some CF decals on the floor and on the suspension arms but I was not happy with the results and finally I decided to build the car "out of the box" without many details added.
I glued the copckit parts and also the front suspension arms and the front brakes.

In the kit there are some kevlar decals to use on some aerodynamic parts. These decals are nice but too glossy in my opinion.

So I airbrushed a very thin layer of flat black to tone down the shining of the kevlar.

As I told before, I tried to use some CF decals but they didn't worked as I wanted (maybe they were too old...), so I decided to try the method to paint flat black through a mesh over the semigloss black.

I know it's not 100% accurated but I'm happy with the result.

Finally I glued the copckit to the floor and also worked on the engine (without detailing it as it won't be seen due the car will be curbside).

It's time to start decaling!