ferrari 126CK -01

This is the next build, fujimi's 1/20 ferrari 126CK, and it will be a fast WIP because I'll do it curbside.
I started working on the monocoque, the dashboard and the steering wheel.
The seatbelts were build using KA models photoetched set.
The front suspension arms and brakes are built. I also attached the brake wiring to the arms.
I also workedon the engine. It still needs a blackwash to tone down the shine. I will put there some more wiring.
The monocoque and the engine were glued to the floor base.
First test fitting with the tyres. I really like those rain tyres, fujimi did a great job there. The car is looking very nice.
As you can see, the rear suspension arms and the brake ducts are also finished.
And one more test fit with the engine cover. Now I need to work on the wings, the wiring on the engine and polish and painting a final layer of red prior to decalling and clearcoating.


ferrari 126C2 -11

Finally today I finished the rear wing.
The car is finished!!!!
Next car will be the ferrari 126CK and I will build it curbside.
ferrari 126C2 - 1982
gilles villeneuve
11/feb/2009 - 10/may/2009