mclaren mp4/13 -13

There is a circle behind the driver's helmet that it must be painted in black. As it's not easy to do it brushing, I took an old p.e. sheet that had a circular hole with the same size. I put it over the circle and airbrushed two layers of flat black.
it worked! I also airbrushed the black parts of the front and rear wings.
Finally I put the CF and logo decals over them. I will wait some days and will start to airbrush three layers of clearcoat.


mclaren mp4/13 -12

I started decaling de different body parts. I will wait three days to let the decals dry and then I will clear coat and polish them.
The inner parts of the monocoque where decaled with sms CF decals and clear coated with 3 layers of TS-13.
I primed the bargeboards, the front and rear wings with two layers of grey and two layers of white.
Once the paint dried, I sanded the parts with 800 to 2000 grid and airbrushed two layers of orange. I'll wait some days and then I'll polish them again and will paint two more layers of orange.
The front and rear brake ducts were CF decaled. It took about one hour to finish every one. I airbrushed some matt black to tone down the shinning as you can see in the duct on the right in the picture.
I also started working on the wheels. The first thing I did was drill a hole in the center of the rims. Then, I polished them and airbrushed one layers of primer and two layers of semigloss black.