lotus79 martini -06

I had the same problems using 2k in martini lotus that I had with rebaque's lotus (see the previous post "lotus rebaque -06").
So I sanded all the parts and airbrushed a wet coat of 2K again.
I also finished the decaling job on the parts I had to repaint.....
Now I will clear coat those parts and I hope I will be able to finish the car soon.......


Motorsport Modeller said...

Looks nice and smooth and has a great shine, did you rub this down and polish or is this from the gun?

f120 said...

This is just from the airbrush.... one mist coat followed by one wet coat, just it.
By the way, I won't polish it because when I polished the rebaque the "holes" were visible again and without polish they aren't.
And after all the troubles, I'm really happy with the result I achieved....
thank you again!

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed to see your work, stunning details.

I would like to ask you if you know what brand made so acurate detail kits on harley davidson models.
I saw a pisture of a harley kit model but I can not find who sell that kit.
Do you know what brand can be?

f120 said...

Hi, thank you for your nice words!
I don't know too much about motorcycle models but I do know that there are some 1/6 scale models of harley davidson made by tamiya and testors. I also don't know the detail of these kits but 1/6 is a scale that must be quite detailed and also allows to build lot of details from scratch.
Try to google "testors 1/6 harley davidson" and "tamiya 1/6 harley davidson" and you'll find lot of information.
Hope it will help....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, I found the link to show you the bikes I'm looking for and you will see how musch detailed are.
I think are smaller than 1/6
Any info you could give me about these particulars models would be appreciate.
See how in one of them is writen ESCI but the others?
What scale you think are them?
I'm crazy to find them.
Gonna see 1/6 you told me to see if are good as these ones.

f120 said...

Well, watching at the link you posted, I would say that the two little ones are 1/12, the ESCI is 1/9 and the other two (the big ones) are 1/6.
If you google ESCI harley davidson you'll see they released a 1/9 WLA 45 Harley and it's still available in some shops. I post a link I found with a little review of the kit:

About the level of detail, I can't tell you anything because is the first time I know something about ESCI, but in the review you can read that is a very complex model so maybe it has the level you are asking for.

Anonymous said...

That is interesting.
I'll go for the wla ESCI on internet for 100$. Reach such level of detail as you have in your works is quite impossible but I'll try a decently one. I found as well something I'll buy as the Revell american cars to transform in hot rods as doctorcrankyslabratory do.
Thanks for all.