sauber C30- 04

I don't have any pirelli lettering stencil so I used the fujimi decals. They were easy to apply but do not have the quality of the tamiya ones.
I followed the usual steps I do when I apply tyre decals. Two layers of TS-13 to prevent silvering on the side of the tyres,the decals and finally one layer of TS-13 and two layers of flat clear (this is the first time I used tamiya's TS-80 instead of mr.hobby flat topcoat).
I also started the decalling job on the body of the sauber. I really love that job... The decals are easy to apply but I needed some attention to the red lines over the grey zones. I don't know if they are really accurate (it's difficult to see in the instructions sheet and also in the reference pictures I have) but I like the result.
I wanted to build Checo PĂ©rez' car but I had a trouble with the decal on the right side of the air intake......
So finally I will have to build kobayaschi's one! I peeled the yellow decals on the camera, the 17th number and the driver's name and I applied the new ones.

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Motorsport Modeller said...

Oh yes it is looking so good now. You should have asked for the decals as i have this kit and not sure who i will do it as yet, but i would have happily give you what was needed.
Looks killer....