benetton B192 -01

New project has started! Tamiya's 1/20 benetton-ford b192. Michael Schumacher won his first GP driving this car in Spa-Francorchamps (1992)
The tamiya kit is great with a lot of details and, as usual in them, it doesn't provide the camel logo decals, wich I've ordered and I'm waiting to receive soon.
I started sanding the molded seatbelts on the seat. It needs some putty to fill the gaps and some more sanding.
I glued the different parts that must be attached to the body and hardly sanded the joint.
I also glued the parts to the cowling and drilled the holes. Nest step will be apply two coats of primer over all body parts.


Anonymous said...

Un buen trabajo, estaré atento a todo el progreso puesto que tengo uno para montar, tengo ganas de detallarlo todo lo posible que este en mi mano, no importa el tiempo. saludos

Anonymous said...

Nice work so far!
I just buy this same kit but I am thinking about build it as the B191 model, that was raced by Nelson Piquet in 1991.
But i am curious: why did you drill those roles on the cowling?
Thanks to share your builds!

f120 said...

hi to all, thanks for your compliments!
1- Ghilherme: The holes were moulded on the cowling and I drilled them because I didn't want to "hide" them when I painted the body. I also could paited them in flatblack but I think that the finalt result wouldn't be as good as I would like.
2- Yes this is a very nice car to build detailed, but in my case I will build it "curbside" (I like very much the scheme of that car)so I'm afraid I won't help you very much in that way....
-gracias, pero no sé si te podré ayudar mucho con los detalles ya que voy a construir este coche "cerrado", sin detallar el motor. Tuve mis dudas para hacerlo detalladado o cerrado (es un gran modelo con mucho detalle de motor), pero me gusta mucho la decoración del coche y cómo tengo previsto ponerlo en mi vitrina cerrado no voy a trabajar mucho el interior ya que luego tengo siempre probemas para encajar bien la tapa del motor con el cuerpo. En todo caso te animo a detallarlo ya que cómo te comenté, es un buen modelo para trabajar con él unos cuantos meses. PD. tengo algunas (pocas) fotos de maquetas del b192 con el motor detallado, si las necesitas cómo referencia, dejame una dirección de mail y te las hago llegar.