sauber C30- 07

And the sauber C30 is finished!
The last things I did were glue the front wing, add some antennas and some bolts on the body and finally put the wheels on their place. I also hand-painted the L and R marks on the side of the wheels.

It is a very nice model, quite easy to build (it must be curbside because there is no engine on the kit) and also to paint. As I told in preview posts, the most difficult part is to build the front wing.....

About the next model...   
Well, one of the reasons why the sauber was finished quickly is because we will move from our house in September.... We will leave the apartment where we all live now (it had already outgrown) and go to the home of my parents-in-law until we have our new house finished, I hope that it will be later this year .... 
Meanwhile I will bring the modeling table in my office (luckily I have enough space there) and try to go there some evening to work on my new models.... so maybe I will take some time to post again but we'll see what will happen! 

The idea is to build 2 Brabham at the same time, BT46 from Tamiya and the (wow, one of my favorite cars) BT-46b from Fujimi

As always, thank you for the patience and best regards to everyone!


sauber C30- 06

Hi again, in the last post I said I would try to not take six months to publish a new one..... well I have "only" taken three......
I applied three layers of 2K clear (from Hiroboy) to  the body, the rear wing and to the separate parts of the front wing (I thought it would be easier to apply first the clear coats and to fix the different parts after -I still don't know if it was the best choice-).
The clear coats went pretty well so I decided to don't sand it. I really like the finish of the dark grey color of the car.
The next step was glue the elements of the front wing..... I must say that this is one of the most difficult moments of the building progress.... The result was not perfect but acceptable enough.
Finally I glued the front suspension and the rear wing to the main body


sauber C30- 05

Hi to all again!
It has been a very long time since my last post......  Since my second son was born it's difficult to find some time to build models.... but I'll try to finish the sauber soon (my to do pile is growing and Ebbro is going to release their tyrrell soon....) I would like start to build the brabham's bt46 (tamiya) and bt46b (fujimi) before the tyrrell's release......

About the sauber..... I finished to build the rear suspension system where I added some CF decals and some temperature sensors. I also finished the rear wing and the work of decaling the main body. I'll try to apply the clear finish this week.
I hope my next post won't be six months later.......


sauber C30- 04

I don't have any pirelli lettering stencil so I used the fujimi decals. They were easy to apply but do not have the quality of the tamiya ones.
I followed the usual steps I do when I apply tyre decals. Two layers of TS-13 to prevent silvering on the side of the tyres,the decals and finally one layer of TS-13 and two layers of flat clear (this is the first time I used tamiya's TS-80 instead of mr.hobby flat topcoat).
I also started the decalling job on the body of the sauber. I really love that job... The decals are easy to apply but I needed some attention to the red lines over the grey zones. I don't know if they are really accurate (it's difficult to see in the instructions sheet and also in the reference pictures I have) but I like the result.
I wanted to build Checo Pérez' car but I had a trouble with the decal on the right side of the air intake......
So finally I will have to build kobayaschi's one! I peeled the yellow decals on the camera, the 17th number and the driver's name and I applied the new ones.


sauber C30- 03

I just finished working with seatbelts. First I glued the photoetched pieces and used a piece of guitar string as a pin. Once glued, I sanded the excess with my dremmel tool. Finally I trimmed some strips of medical tape, painted them with tamiya's Park Green and used them as seatbelt clothes.
I have already painted three coats of clear TS-13 on the body parts and I hope to start the decalling job soon.
Meanwhile I began the tedious job of applying decals of carbon fiber on the cameras, steering wheel and suspension arms.


sauber C30- 02

Hi again!
a new little update! I've been working in so many parts at the same time but it's difficult to show the progress...
Once the body and wing parts were primed, I painted three layers of white (from zero paints). When the body was dried I used the masks that can be found in the box (they are really great and a big help - I'm sorry I haven't got any pictures of the body with the masks) and painted the dark grey using three layers of tamiya's x-10 gun metal. Fujimi indicates to paint these zones black but looking at some pictures it seems more dark metallic grey than black to me. So gun metal color seemed a good option.
Now I'm waiting to have good weather here (today is raining) to paint some layers of clear to prevent silvering before apply the decals.
I also painted all back parts of the wings with semigloss black.
I started working on the seat belts. As I don't have any green clothes, I will use medical tape to simulate the belt material. I will cut some stripes (3-4mm width) and I will paint them with Tamiya's Park Green TS-36.
I now have a dilemma..... to CF all the black parts or not.....  maybe I will only CF the suspension arms and the inner face of the back wing plates. I will think about it....
Next update soon!  thanks to all!!!!


sauber C30 -01

Hi to all!

First of all I would like to apologize that I took the time to update the blog.
Five months ago my second son was born and it did not have much free time ...
I did not know what model to start with and then I chose the sauber C30 
As I will not detail the car, the first thing I did was glue the body parts as this will help me when painting it.

Once the parts were glued, I started polishing the excess putty.
The parts are ready to be painted.
I hope to upload news soon!


lotus 79 rebaque -08

and the lotus 79 "rebaque" is finished too!

I would like to thank Edgar Miró for his invaluable help (I'm still wanting to see your absolutely fantastic F-2007 finished...) and everyone who encouraged me during the building of this nice car!

thanks to all!

and next will be the fujimi's sauber C30! (I wanted to start the mp4/27 or the RB6 but I'm still thinking wich kind of paints I will use, so the sauber won the pole!)

best regards to all!

lotus 79 martini -08

Finally the lotus 79 "martini" it's finished!
It has been a long time since I started this car and had some problems using the 2K clear coat for first time but I'm quite happy with the result achieved!